Azienda Agricola Gigi Rosso - Piedmont

Gigi Ross’s winery is located in Castiglione Falletto, the heart of the Barolo area and
is the center of vinification for the grapes which they produce on our four estates.

The experienced choice of the land, the passionate care of the vineyards, as well as the careful selection of grapes during the harvest allows Gigi Rosso to have at its disposition approximately 300.000 kg. of splendid grapes each year.
This is, together with its rigorous respect for local wine making tradition and 40 years of enological experience, guarantee of an outstanding result for each wine the company produces.



Cantine Menhir Salento - Puglia
A story told by a stone…

The white stones cut out of the earth of which most of the historical and modern Buildings in the area are built.

Cantine Menhir Salento, born by an idea of Gaetano Marangelli, is a company that in a short time has become a big reality, flanked by new and important partners. The winery is located in the heart of the Historical Centre of Minervino, an ancient medieval hamlet not far away from the sunny beaches of Otranto and from S. Cesarea’s coasts. The lush Salento countryside and the megalithic area rich of dolmen and Menhir Salento, the ancient olive groves and vineyard, the ancient farms and the hypogean oil mills are the frame for the winery. The Wines are of great structure, they are warm, silky, full bodied and balanced. They are the expression of the region were they are born. In order to taste these nectar and the traditions of one of the most picturesque places of Italy, the closest to the East, and to admire at dawn the shape of the neighbouring Greek coastlines, the winery organizes stays at Casa Pasca, in rooms and suites which overlook a cosy central court, where it is possible to attend a cooking course of Mediterranean food.



Azienda Agricola Zanoni Pietro - Veneto
Introducing Pitro Zanoni’s Cellar. For pietro, this is a dream come true. It represents the evolution of his enterprise and the manifestation of his vision. Pietro Zanoni is more than a food technician and wine expert: he is also an enthusiastic man of his land. He came back to modernise his father’s company to change its design and objectives. He skillfully turned his commitment into a project and his ideas into sound products. His passion and guidance are mirroed in the straightforwardness than we find in his Valpolicella, the frankness of his Superiore and the droit of his Amarone, proudly recognized as a great cru. The grapes he groves dig their roots into the limey soil and the wine-makinh tradition of Valpolicella. They are the true expression of the native grape varietals: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella.



It is the desire to impress that feeds the daily work of DODICIETTARI efforts from all of us, together with the certainty that thanks to our commitment and our expertise will be appreciated for the quality and uniqueness of our products.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to solicit emotions. And it is perhaps the real fuel of this exciting challenge which we are always strive to improve the quality of our wines and our efficiency. DODICIETTARI is already in the name expression of precise identity and deep-rooted, intuitive perception of its content and the nature of Wine farm

Giancarlo, Roberto, Leonardo, Marco Antonio, Teresa, Charles, Frederick, thanks to the passion, commitment, solidarity, responsibility and the joy of your contribution to this beautiful dream, ITALIAN 100%.



Quality wines from Dolomite Mountains of Trentino-Alto Adige - Italy

Villa Corniole is a private winery run by the Pellegrini family, who have cultivated vines for generations and over 10 years ago embraced the challenge to make wine for themselves.
The setting is a small village in Trentino called Verla di Giovo, nestled within green hills, vines and apple trees, surrounded by Dolomite Mountains.
The winery itself has been chiselled out of the porphyritic rock mountain, which is typical of the Cembra Valley and is truly unique in its kind.
Villa Corniole is a small winery with 10 hectares of vineyards in total. Some are located in the prosperous Piana Rotaliana, ideal for red grapes such as Teroldego and Lagrein, but also good for Pinot Grigio. Other vineyards are found on the Hills Avisiane, perfect for the production of Chardonnay. The picturesque mountain terraces of the Cembra Valley provide an unbelievable soil and climate for white grapes, like Müller Thurgau, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay.
The work, both in the vineyard and in the winery, is carried out in harmony with tradition and environment and is of the high quality, proof of which are the many awards and recognitions obtained not only in Italy, but around the world.
From the vineyard to the bottle, with hard work, technology and passion, we bring you a quality product we know you will enjoy.



Azienda Agricola Melillo - Puglia
Since many generations the Melillo Family produces grapes cultivated on the top of the Murge hills in Puglia region south east of Italy. In their vineyards the grape production is limited to generate grapes of high quality. The wine production is a merging of old wisdom and modern technologies. The wines a varieties are not many but all outstanding.



Cascina Clarabella - Lombardy
Cascina Clarabella is a project of ISPARO Foundation which promotes mental health. Its ethical farming tourism offers job opportunities to people with psychological disorders and gives job-opportunities at the present to 67 persons.

The name Franciacorta derives from curte francae, the small communities of Benedictine monks exempted from taxation in the Middle Ages in return for clearing and working the land they were granted. Today, the heirs to Franciacorta's ancient tradition of viticulture are the local growers who invested significant resources in their efforts to produce and nurture a wine of superb quality, Franciacorta is made exclusively by second fermentation in the bottle, Franciacorta became in 1995 Italy's first and only dry sparkling wine to achieve DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) status.



Azienda Agricola Zof - Friuli
The Zof Family manages a farm in Corno di Rosazzo, 12 km from Gorizia in the eastern hills of Friuli near Slovenia. They produce excellent wines and offer lodging in the recently restores, seventh century guesthouse. The production of unforgettable wines does not only depend from the climate and the terrains but also from the farming tradition of Friulan people, tradition that the Zof family has preserved during the years. The quality of their products, certified by many awards and recognitions, represent a guarantee of excellence for all wine lovers.




High quality wines from two different region: PUGLIA, TOSCANA of Italy.