While the Hong Kong branch has been established in 2011, the Italian mother company is a family business since 1920. That is the year of establishment of the company, while the family is in wine business since 1796. In fact since then, a long line of Monteverdi's until present times is testimony of the dedication of the Family to wine business. Initially it was about selecting wines from the nearby hills of OLTREPO’ PAVESE, which is an area located near PAVIA (Pavese) south west of Milan on the hills above the south bank of PO river (Oltrepo’ means “above the Po”). In recent times selecting wines from all Italian Regions, Antonio Monteverdi did set the benchmark of exportation in the early 80s, since then, MONTEVERDI VINI is exporting in over 40 countries around the globe. The Asian market has been one of the most flourishing in the last decade and MONTEVERDI VINI is represented in many Asian countries: Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.

Present President of the company is Mr. Francesco Monteverdi, one of 9 children of late Antonio and has 9 children himself representing the 9th Generation of Monteverdi's. Almost everyone working in the company is Family member. MONTEVERDI VINI is one of the most respected wine companies in Italy and has a reputation for quality, consistency, service and reliability.
Two of Francesco's brothers Ottorino and Giovanni are in charge to select grapes and refine the wines to the quality standards that are required and set by Monteverdi. The production of the wine is followed closely from the harvesting to the final bottling, by the brothers.

The Monteverdi wines do offer an extraordinary quality for value and are available to all pockets. Thanks to the high reputation of MONTEVERDI in Italy a number of selected "Boutique Wineries" have entrusted their products to us. These products are outstanding, very often in limited productions, or collector items. These are products of dedicated wine-maker, who do not have the connections or the power to highlight their products into international markets. But we are proud to have them and to be able to bring them to Hong Kong and Asia, as they represent the most genuine, hidden and secret part of Italian wine production.


The Hong Kong branch has the mission to further develop and consolidate the markets in Asia. At the same time, Hong Kong office is the sole brand office to distribute and retail the products in Hong Kong and communicate with all customers including the distributors in China and other Asian market.